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Jack allows Jake to do effects he would never do himself exactly to see how the story plays out. This documentary follows one day in the life of 'Joan Rivers' qv , who sees herself first and foremost as an actress, with her life as a comedienne/writer exactly an extension of creature an actress.


Before Chan Zu can meet with the investigators he's murdered and his daughter becomes the target of the criminals because they believe her father confided in her before he died. In this hybrid-reality show, three unsuspecting actors believe they have been cast in a low-budget horror film and should suffer the slings and arrows of disadvantaged production values and ridiculous scenarios.

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Even interviewed are the cast and crew, even facial appearance scenes of the unproved 16mm trailer and more never seen footage. Fact: The majority of crimes are solved within 72 hours of creature committed. But the rivals discover the secret of the club themselves, and capture the women.

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