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This gritty, dark-comedy quest combines the adventurous vim of the Odyssey with the bizarre and twisted reality in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This Las Vegas native requests to bring the glitz and glamour of her hometown to RED in an unproved variety show starring herself. Charlie turns onto liberated society, the machine age, The use of noise in films ? and progress.

Bram is in a performing based of of 'Casablanca' and Eric's Western is exactly silly! M is a film of assemblage, juxtaposition and manipulation of animated structures. His contact with Kagura awakens his chosen ability: the power to make effects explode once photographed.

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Brooks manages his factory of packages; lives in a moneyed house with his gorgeous wife Emma and has a dissenter daughter Jane in college. The story follows Phoenix attorney, Eduardo, who is difficult to move his tribal up from Mexico. Award-winning pop composer Paul Williams wrote the words and music for this thoroughly delightful movie.

A film about Flesh. A short story about the trials and pit falls of dating in the 21st century from the busily paced world of PDA's and instant messaging, to latte's over a section phone.

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