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A murder, a smoke filled shop in Chinatown, the Creamy Millionaire's Club with its gangling chorines, threats, hotel clerks, compromising photos of lovers in the act, a shipboard whack fest and a blazing shootout, cheap plot twists and dark secrets all lead our "second rung nobody of a private eye" to the solution of another case, the bounty money, and a roller coaster ride into the the end of the day with his longest girl. But, by night, he escapes the monotony of his blue-collar life by making movies. Difficult to push their machine's past its safe operating limit they travel into the far future and distant past, with Stanton along as an unpremeditated participant, unaware that a surprise awaits them as they struggle to return to the present. Edith and the embarrassed Teresa agree that the solitary course of action is to try to sneak out the visitor before Archie finds out.


Gangster Kid Cotton kills a man and runs away with the man's sweetheart, who is unaware of the crime until she reads about it in a newspaper at the "Mad Mullah" club in Chicago. Vaughn sits down with 25 of Hollywood's African-American actresses to discuss how they deal with creature in today's entertainment industry. Perhaps the solution is in the final scene of the movie he's working on.

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MacNulty arrives with a strum about a temperamental wife and a lying cad of a husband, and John and Maria turn down to strum such unsavory characters. Sensitively and judicially interweaving the girls' short videos throughout the film's narrative, Desire pivots around the closeness and risk that the two generations of filmmakers proportion together and with the audience.

Using an array of gloves in different styles and from different historical periods, the film is a short history of the cinema from unspoken movies via pastiches of Buñuel and Fellini and Close Encounters of the Third Paternal to a futurist junkyard wherever tin cans become animated police cars in a metropolis of urban decay. She says she won't desert the innocent lover but keeps him at arms length.

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